The Kaffa Handshake

We believe that it is important to have a handshake and a smile to seal every deal. This personal touch is our only real way to ”know” the people we are doing business with. In this spirit and to better educate the coffee consumers in Finland, we are producing this The Kaffa Handshake contract which will help ensure that everyone we do business with sees and actively participates in following the Kaffa Roastery code of ethics.

The Kaffa Handshake contract

A personal contract between Kaffa Roastery & ___________________

We hereby certify that:

  • we pay our workers fairly and at least the minimum salary in our municipality
  • we use only ethical labor practices and do not employee child laborers outside of normal family helpers, nor do we use forced labor agreements
  • our workers are free to speak about their working conditions and to organize or join labor unions
  • we care about the environment and we take steps to ensure its good health


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