Kenya, Karindundu

In February of 2018, I travelled to Kenya with our importers Mike Riley and Matt Sealby from Falcon Coffee to visit and pick our favourite Kenya lots for the year. It was a wonderful experience involving hundreds of cups of coffee, hundreds more, a trip to Nyeri to visit factories and producers, an overnight in the world famous Outspan Hotel, a quick morning safari and some excellent new coffees to bring home to Finland.

Karindundu is a factory, or member coop, located in Karatina Town in Nyeri County and is a member of the Barichu Cooperative Society. Our visit there was after harvesting, which is typically October thru January, so no production was happening at the time, but we still got a nice tour. It sits at a quite high elevation of 1850 masl. The SL 28 and Ruiru 11 grafted varietals are washed and double fermented, first dry fermentation for 24 hours and then wet fermented for an additional 24 hours. All these factors contribute to Karindundus complex flavour characters. Around 1000 members belong to the factory with each member owning around 1 acre of land and only about 100 coffee trees.

We cupped this coffee on our first day in Kenya, going through about 60 coffees, with 4 cups each. That totals 240 cups of coffee to taste the first day! Pretty impressive. But we scored it very well and was one of our favorites. We also noticed that the AB coffees, which are a smaller screen size, were cupping even better than the larger and more uniform AA coffees. Mike Riley from Falcon, a true Kenyan coffee veteran with a visit each year since 1992, informed us that while most coffee professionals are adamant on selecting only AA screen sizes, that in fact AB coffees can cup much better sometimes. Well this year we lucked out and found this gem of a Kenyan coffee.

Karindundu AB is only one of 3 coffees we are releasing this year from Kenya. Stay tuned as we have 2 more to release in the coming weeks and another blog post with additional information on Kenya.